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Cross-platform applicaties with React Native

Never before has developing native mobile applications been as accessible as it is today. At Codana, we do this by using the React Native, an open-source framework developed by Meta.

Author: Jinse Camps
Architect | Analyst
Jinse Camps

Laracon EU 2024

A fantastic learning experience to inspire and be inspired together with a lot of other Laravel passionate people! Something we couldn't miss and very much connect with the community. What a top event! Who will we see next editions? 😮

Author: Noah Gillard
PHP / Laravel Developer
Noah Gillard AI generated Face
laracon codana persoon

An efficient tourism data management system

A TDMS or Tourist Data Management System, is simply a platform that retrieves data from various sources, processes it internally either automatically or not, and offers this data back to external platforms.

Author: Tom Van den Eynden
Web Architect | Coordinator
Tom Van den Eynden


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Codana develops apps and web apps with Laravel and React.js. These are leading frameworks in PHP and JavaScript, with which, as a customer, you choose stability, performance and security.

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Sustainability and humanity are values that are important to us. If you work at Codana, we will make sure you find yourself in a warm environment where there is room for self-development and collaboration.

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