Creative designers and competent developers made MyCompass the tool we were looking for.

Codana design klant
Steven Vanmol Coördinator of Odisee MyCompass
  • Frontend design

    Natuurlijk. Elke web app die jij ooit al gebruikte heeft een web app design op maat. Je wil tenslotte toch ook de beste gebruikerservaring aanbieden?

  • Backend design

    Maar ook de beheersmodules verdienen een gebruiksvriendelijke interface. Wij besteden bijzondere aandacht aan een gebruiksvriendelijke backend van je web app.

Desk graphic designer

Responsive webapp design

When we design the user interface of a web app, we combine user-friendliness with beautiful design. Of course, because it is also important to look good. But design for web apps is a profession in itself. Even more than with website design, we pay extra attention to the design.

We do this immediately with a design approach that covers both mobile devices and larger screen sizes. Combined with the wireframe prototypes, this gives you a realistic idea of what your web app will look like before development starts.

A web app that makes you happy?

We can design that for you! Our UI designers are specialised in designing web apps.