Webapps op maat

Making you smile

Whenever we design and develop web apps, our goal is always the same: a satisfied end user. Because a satisfied user leads to better results.


Tailored to the user

Web applications are specific solutions to specific problems. Very often, there is a specific target group, so we tailor the design and experience of the application to the end user.

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Different applications

  • Progressive web apps

    Web apps with a detailed front end, often replacing smartphone apps

  • Backend apps

    Backend web applications to manage large and specific data sets

  • Middleware

    Web apps to integrate your other applications.

  • Communication platforms

    Building your community and communicating to your audience

  • API's & webservices

    Exchanging data between different software systems

  • Workflow automation

    As part of the Business Management Process

  • Strategy and design

    We help you sharpen your digital app strategy. Together, we'll make sure the design is fully aligned with the goals of your business strategy. We design a web app that offers the best functionality for your users. We create a project plan that ensures the business goal of your application can be delivered within budget.

  • Web app development & support

    We will realise your project through a tailor-made project approach. You get regular demos and feedback moments so you can see your investment grow. We develop the application and ensure that a well-tested application can be rolled out. Our marketeers and developers are ready to answer all your questions after delivery.

The best technology

We only work with Open Source frameworks that prove themselves every day, all over the world. With Laravel, Symfony and React we build best-in-class web apps.

Happy clients

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