Our core expertise is PHP and Javascript development

codana building blocks

Software development and deployment

If you are looking for a PHP and JavaScript agency with the highest quality, then Codana is the right place for you. We are passionate about PHP with Laravel and Symfony, and in Javascript with React.js and Vue.js. We build software with a focus on usability and a good future perspective.

What to expect:

  • Agile application development
  • A team of dedicated software developers
  • Quality development with testing and automated deployment

Open and experienced
We'll help you set up the foundations of your project. Whatever the status of your idea, we'll throw in 15 years of experience.

We firmly believe in open communication with our customers and do not hesitate to advise you with "this can be done differently and better" or "we think you don't need this". This approach ensures that your idea comes from the best possible form of your software project.


Digital Strategy, concept and platform design

The analysis of your business application project. We believe that you first need a healthy, well thought-out strategy to get the best out of your project. The right project approach is therefore crucial for the best results in terms of budget, scalability and the future of your application.

We offer a.o:

  • Service design approach
  • An analysis with depth and commitment
  • Target group-oriented
  • Prototype development and testing

The right tools
We love new things, but we only apply known, proven technology in production applications. If you need a micro-service architecture, no problem. Or if your project needs a centralized software architecture, that's possible too. We build applications with the right approach, architecture and technology choice. This way, you benefit from the best balance between budget, timing and functionalities.


Measure, evaluate and optimize

Not only do we build applications, we also help you with rollout, marketing and optimization. With our knowledge of business activities such as marketing, sales and HR, we not only help your IT department with the construction, but also with the roll-out, adoption and application of your application.

What to expect:

  • Senior-level Digital Strategy
  • A supportive marketing team
  • KPI definition, data analytics, dashboarding and targeted advice

Working with your team
Our professionals are ready for your project. We embed with your team and deliver development, strategy and marketing services. We are happy to work with you, both at your location and at our office.