Just like a nice tailor-made suit, a tailor-made web application is the most durable and best fitting solution you can choose. A made-to-measure website grows with you in such a way that adjustments can always be made to the rhythm of your organisation.

Past perfect

Een maatwerk website zit strak omheen het beoogde doel, uniek aangemeten op je bedrijfsproces 

Ruime keuze

Stel geheel je eigen platform samen. De mogelijkheden voor zijn grenzeloos.  

Hoog comfort

We stellen altijd de eindgebruiker voorop en zorgen ervoor dat jou klant z’n beleving optimaal verloopt 

When do you need a custom website?

You need specific functionality. Every website contains text, photo and often also video. And there are plenty of fast, standard solutions for that. But what if the content of your website is the result of a logical calculation? Or comes from one or more data sources? This is the case more often than you think. Think of online counters, points of sale, calculation tools, data hubs, .... In that case, it is usually necessary to have a website made to measure. 

You want to stand out. In the first place your custom website will make sure that you can be unique, that your website will not look like those of many others. This way you can make your brand stand out from the competition. The website will make you look professional and improve your credibility with potential customers. 

You want to be able to respond quickly to new needs. If you have to respond to the reality of your business, your website must be able to grow with your company. Quickly providing extra functionality is more obvious in custom websites.  

P-bay homepages

P-bay auction platform

A good example of such a tailor-made website is an auction platform. Auction websites contain very specific processes and rules, for which you also need a specific solution.

For our client P-Bay we developed a customized auction platform that allows users all over the world to participate through real-time bidding.

A good, tailor-made website is built with your target group in mind. Instead of a general customer profile as with ready-made packages, we look for a digital experience that encourages your customer to follow the path you had in mind: from an aroused interest to repeated use. This is what our User Experience Designers take care of. 

A custom website is also more flexible, responsive and easily adaptable than a template. Such a website can be shaped more easily to the changing needs of your business. So, as your business and its customers grow and change, so does your website, giving your visitors a better and more inclusive user experience. We do this by using Open Source frameworks. 


Every custom project starts with a good conversation with one of our experts. Codana takes care of the strategy, analysis, design and realization of your custom website.  


There are hundreds of options where you can create a cheap website. Choose a theme from the existing offer that more or less matches your corporate identity, fill in the content, add a contact form to the website and you're ready to go. However, the possibilities of these websites are very limited. 

If you want more than an online folder, that is not enough. There are several options: 

You can start with a Content Management solution like Drupal or Craft CMS. This is a good basis to start with custom development in order to make part of your process digitally available. In many cases the better choice is always going to be a custom made web application.