For Meat&More, we integrated a Laravel e-commerce solution into the website. The system would be used on the websites of Bon'Ap and Buurtslagers and had to support orders in all stores. Of course we grabbed this challenge with both hands and after an excellent collaboration with our colleagues at Calibrate, Meat&More's platforms were successfully launched!

Meat&More is a fast growing, high-tech food company in Aalter with brands like Bon'Ap and Buurtslagers. They are mainly specialized in meat and meals and link the knowledge of a traditional butcher's shop to technological innovation. In total they are responsible for more than 170 sales points and the company employs over 1200 people.

Our challenge

In consultation with Meat&More we defined some important principles that would guide the development process of the platform:

  • As a seller you want to be able to respond to the current market at all times. In other words, you want a flexible platform in which you can fine-tune every aspect of your ordering process.
  • Scalability is a must during the development of an ordering platform. Thanks to well thought-out choices during the development process and the use of a Kubernetes cluster, our application is ready to take your order at any time.
  • One system for everything! A centralized system where you can manage any order, store or assortment. This is not only convenient for the user, but also for our customer.

Be sure to order a delicious piece of meat for dinner at or!

Efforts by both our teams have led to great results through good, intense cooperation and open communication! Nice to count on a partner to whom you can turn with your questions.

Jozefien Maes
Jozefien Maes Project leader - Meat&More

Vision & Analysis

With the above points in mind, we had a lot of work to do. Building an ordering platform from scratch always requires a thorough analysis and research before we start programming. The code architecture must be future-oriented and the idea behind every project is that we want to keep growing along with the wishes of our customer.

We joined forces with the Meat&More people as often as possible to coordinate our points and ideas and often had brainstorming sessions to refine the project architecture. We supported them in drawing up the functional requirements and linked the technical analysis to it ourselves, with a clearly outlined plan of action.

Of course, the analysis doesn't stop there. Thanks to our Agile working method, we were able to collect feedback after each sprint and adjust the project where necessary. This way we are ready for the ordering platform to grow along with Meat&More!

Efforts of both our teams have led to beautiful results through good, intensive cooperation and open communication! Nice to count on a partner you can go to with your questions.


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A platform to meet the needs of Meat&More

As one of the largest meat producers in Belgium, Meat&More has more than 180 stores throughout the Benelux.

Depending on the store you select you get to see the local range of products and ordering options for that store. No matter where you are in your country, there will always be a Bon'Ap or Buurtslagerswinkel near you where you can order quality meat products.

An ordering process for every occasion

Besides the normal Click 'n Collect, Meat&More introduces the concept of boxes such as the lunch- and bbq-box. In one of these ordering processes, the visitor goes through a number of steps with a specific assortment to fill a shopping cart for your event. Each of these steps and products are fully manageable to provide the perfect ordering process for any occasion. So you can quickly and without worries order the necessary products for your perfect barbeque.

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Framework: Laravel

We resolutely chose the PHP framework Laravel to build the ordering platform. Thanks to a helpful community and the guarantee of flexibility and stability, the framework has become an established value within the PHP community. We at Codana fully support the ideology of the Framework and do not hesitate to use its power for even the most complex applications.

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Payments: Worldline

No ordering platform without online payments, that's why we integrated Worldline's payment service Atos. Worldline is a market leader in creating innovative solutions for both sellers and customers. With over 45 years of experience, we offer our visitors a simple and efficient way to pay for their shopping basket online. 

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Performance: Blackfire

Did you think performance wasn't a building block? We offer performance as a feature in all our projects and the tool par excellence to realize this is Blackfire. We will regularly build profiles in the tool during the development process to make sure our code is robust and performant. This way we can offer the best browsing experience to our end users.

Seamless integration with Drupal

Of course this web application does not only consist of a number of products with an order button, it also needs content! That's why we, together with our colleagues from Calibrate, integrated the Laravel ordering platform into their beloved Drupal CMS. In this way we bring together the powerful CMS system with the flexibility of custom development.

Let's talk

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