B2B & B2C

We can divide the tool into two major parts. For example, we have the part for B2C and the part for B2B.

Here it was important that each of the two still have their own look and feel, without making the operation different. Since Telenet is one of the largest providers of digital television, broadband internet, fixed telephony and mobile telephony, it was important for us to create a future-oriented information structure within the current tool. This was necessary because BASE and Telenet had to be processed in one tool.

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Design & Layout components

Telenet regularly refreshes the look and feel of its products. Our solution for this use case was to use templates that would function as components. These templates would allow us to define the look and feel by using different configurations. 

In this way, we could easily offer a different look and feel by adding certain classes and also have control over any extras that should or should not be included in these components. 

Javascript en Symfony

We chose the PHP framework Symfony to have a solid foundation in terms of user and configuration management. This gave us the possibility to have a flexible back-end system where changes to prices, packages and promos can be implemented quickly. On this basis we developed a clickable layout that is driven by javascript.

PDF generation with AthenaPDF

In the tool, PDF generation is an important and frequently used feature. Therefore we went looking for a stable tool that was easy to implement. That's how we ended up with AthenaPDF, a dockerized solution that does exactly what we needed: convert HTML to a downloadable PDF.

Lead generation & configuration management

Within the Telenet section, it is also important to be able to view statistics based on composite configurations. To offer this, we keep the data of each composite configuration in our database. Administrators can easily check in the back office how many, when and for what type (B2C/B2B) configurations were generated.

In addition, it is possible to do lead follow-up of the configurations. If a configuration was marked as "to be followed up" during the store visit, but the customer has since proceeded to purchase, then this can also be indicated as such on the configuration in question. This gives administrators a powerful tool to track lead generation and increase sales conversion!

It is also possible to export the configuration to a CSV file in order to do more extensive analysis or to use this data in other tools. 

Base logo


For the BASE sales app, it is important to show the customers in the store the possibilities in terms of subscriptions, formulas, and prepaid cards in a clear manner, both for private individuals and the self-employed. 

A step-by-step interface allows you to put together your subscription together with the shop assistant, similar to the Telenet interface. 


In order to do this in an optimal way, there is also a "best fit calculator" in the tool.

The customer indicates how much data and minutes he needs, a calculation is made and then the calculator indicates the most suitable subscription. In the further steps you have the possibility to extend your subscription with options like "data and call minutes abroad", a "Spotify account" and much more. Your composed product is then collected in a handy overview that you can have converted to PDF or that can be mailed to the customer.

In addition to putting together their subscription or prepaid package, customers can also select a smartphone with a possible discount. These products are always up-to-date thanks to a daily import, where we automatically include all recent renewals and data in this sales tool. This way, BASE does not have to adjust data in multiple places.

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