Codana creates web applications with PHP and Javascript. Here are some cases that illustrate what we can do for you.

Kopiloot homepage

Kopiloot is a website where creative entrepreneurs can ask questions about their ideas and ambitions. To get a quick answer to all these business questions, Kopiloot helps you in your search for experts with experience in the cultural and creative sector. These coaches act as a point of contact and guide the entrepreneur in realizing his ambitions.

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Kopiloot logo

A high-performance auction platform that allows real-time bidding for buyers in China? That could only have been Codana!

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p-bay logo

An application that revolves around data processing. We built a central platform for Applia to process and deliver data via Excel files.

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TypTop homepage

Typ-Top is the dactyl program of the leading Antwerp publisher VANIN. It consists of two parts: a textbook and Typ-Top Online, the application to learn to type blindly according to the teen finger system. The interactive tool allows children and youngsters to learn to type smoothly and faultlessly from an early age. Calibrate played a modest role in training our youth to be keyboard and tablet virtuosos.

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Aquasecurity app

For Aquasecurity we created an application with React Native and Drupal 8 that allows users to monitor their fire extinguishing systems from any location. The application reads out the data that each installation produces and filters it to centralise the important notifications in a clear application.

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Logo AquaSecurity

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