Web applications are specific solutions to specific problems. They often involve the implementation of specific actions, which can be very diverse. There is also a lot of interaction in web applications. Instead of "I put a page online", a web application allows a user to perform specific or complex actions, via a very user-friendly interface or an API that can be controlled by another machine.

A web application is always customized and solves your specific problem.

The best technology

We only work with Open Source frameworks that prove themselves every day, anywhere in the world. With Laravel, Symfony, and React, we build best-in-class web apps.

Every application, be it a web application or a rocket computer, is first designed within an analysis and design phase. Then we develop the application in iterative sprints, where you as a customer see your project grow and succeed.

Project approach

Discovery & Analysis

In the discovery phase we will help you to get the purpose of the application crystal clear. Together we make sure that the design is fully in line with the goal of your business strategy. We design a web application that offers the best functionality for the budget that is reserved. We draw up a project plan that ensures that the business goal of your application can be delivered within budget.

Construction and support

Through an iterative, transparent project approach we will realize your project. You will regularly receive demos and feedback moments so that you can see your investment grow. We finish the application neatly and make sure that a well-tested application can be rolled out. Our marketers and developers are ready to answer all your questions after delivery.

talk to the experts

In the analysis phase we define your problem and propose a solution. By devoting sufficient time to this, we propose a strong plan of action to solve the problem.

This does not mean that we can no longer make adjustments after this analysis phase. Because we also work closely with our customers during the execution, we can still make adjustments during the process.

The more complex your application is, the more attention we will pay to the analysis and design. Once we have a concept, we will start working on your project. There are 2 different development strategies to tackle the project.

  1. We start with the more simple parts of the system and rely on our common progressive understanding and build the more difficult parts of the system step by step.
  2. The other option is to start with the most difficult part of the system. This allows us to quickly validate whether we are on the right track. However, this does mean that we have less knowledge of how your specific sector's business processes work, so we need to rely more on experts from within your company to understand what we are doing. If you are not yet completely sure of your needs, then the first method is appropriate.

Once we are building, we follow the principles of Agile, so we have a short line of communication and at the end of each sprint we can do a small partial delivery. In this way, we can make frequent adjustments and we are sure that your web application does exactly what you expect it to do.

Start building a web application?

Convinced? Contact Codana to talk about your custom web app. We will help you with the best advice and a listening ear.