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Customised backend web apps

A customised backend is often required for unique projects. These sometimes contain large amounts of data and in specific data formats. A standard content management system falls by the wayside here because it imposes its own limits on your system and therefore develops "against" the system instead of "with" it.

The backend that fits your needs

We can roughly divide the web apps for managing data into three types

  • Backend in PHP

    As part of the MVC framework, we build specific admin interfaces in Laravel or Symfony. 

    For customers with long-term projects, where the administrators have no specific needs and you know their capabilities well.

  • Read to use backends

    We also apply admin panels that are available as ready-made packages.

    Because we are experienced Laravel developers, Laravel Nova is often chosen.

  • Headless admin interface

    When your backend needs to be truly customised. 

    Via a headless architecture, a separate, customised javascript application is created that exchanges data with the software layer containing the business processes and data layer. 

Customised backend and frontend


Web app backend best practices

Did you know that your backend app should also take into account a number of UX guidelines? Here are a few:

  1. Double confirmation for delete actions. Nothing more annoying than a delete action that is immediately executed by pressing a button once.
  2. Colours as a guide. Research has clearly shown that people are influenced by colours, and we can use that in a positive way in our backend apps.
  3. Consistency is king. A management interface that feels recognisable and familiar has a higher satisfaction score.

A backend application is often part of a project that also requires a customised frontend application. We pay attention to the user-friendliness of both front-end and back-end applications.

Laravel Nova Robot

Laravel Nova as a management application

We use Laravel Nova as a backend system to manage your data neatly.

It allows us to quickly create well-organised admin panels and give you control over your data.

Let's talk about a user-friendly backend

Do you need a backend experience that really makes you happy and in which you can easily find your way?