We ❤ React

We bouwen snelle React webapplicaties

A seamless and neat user experience has become the standard in many modern day web applications. Long gone are the days of boring and static webpages. Our customers want more and more customized features and want a web application that stands out from the pack to give their users a unique browsing experience when using their product.

Introducing React.js! React is an open source javascript library developed by the engineers at Facebook. It provides us, as developers, the ability to create lightning fast single page applications and paves the way to develop features adjusted to your specific use cases. The library has quickly risen to popularity and is now the most used javascript framework in the world, with a market share of over 60%.

Why should you use React.js

Happier customers

Page speed is one of the main influencers on a browsing customer. A fast, comprehensive User Experience leads to a higher conversion rate.

It's very fast

Building your frontend in a Javascript library like React results in an application that doesn't need complete page loads. Data is displayed and refreshed dynamically, which really boosts the customer experience. 

It does everything you want from an app

Our web applications make use of all modern features in browser and devices. Need a smartphone app? Then a Progressive Web App in React is most probably the best choice for you. 

Swift development without vendor lock-in

React has a fast learning curve and allows developer to quickly create crisp, exiting user experiences. The Open Source nature of the library and our use of coding standards completely avoids the risk for a vendor lock-in

Typ Top React.js applicatie

TypTop, a React application for students

A great example of the power of React. Students learn how to type by doing exercises that are generated, displayed and evaluated by a React application. 

Read the TypTop case

Alright, what makes this library special?

React uses the virtual DOM, or Document Object Model, to instantly update webpages. This means react renders the DOM much faster than a normal page refresh would. 

So why is that?
So the DOM basically is a tree list of nodes. With javascript you can add and delete nodes from this tree to create a more reactive application. Now, this isn't particularly slow per sé. What is slow however, is the browser rerendering all of your CSS when such the DOM-update occures. The virtual DOM is a lightweight and detached abstraction of the real DOM, it is the client's browser who holds a virtual representation of the UI in memory. Whenever your javascript triggers a state change, this virtual UI in memory will detect that update, compare it to the browser's DOM and only update the sections that are different. This will result in less changes to the UI, which inevitably flows into a performance boost for your application. 

Did you know?

React was developed by Jordan Walke and it first saw the daylight when it was used for Facebook's newsfeed back in 2011.

What can we offer you?

Maybe you couldn't quite follow the explanation in the previous paragraph and your head is spinning already?

Luckily you don't have to worry about any of that, because we will take care of it.

Simply put, we offer you our knowledge and expertise. We at Codana have years of experience in creating these custom applications for our clients. Let's meet up and have a talk about what we can do for you. Together, we can build a great application and also help you get your app out there by supporting you in marketing and search engine optimization. Our work ethic stands by having a close relationship with our clients, we will develop your applications alongside you and with your vision always in the back of our heads. We also believe that the development process is never done. We offer you long term support by keeping your applications up-to-date and by developing new features to facilitate your business growth.

Are you interested?