• Interactieve webapp wireframes

  • User testing

  • Rapid webapp development

Codana focus groep user testing

Clickable wireframes

Through clickable prototypes we simulate the experience of your webapp, already during the design phase. This way, we can optimise the design of the webapp with a small part of the project budget.


Rapid app development

Part of our technology stack allows for the rapid development of raw application prototypes. The advantage over wireframes is that the prototype webapp is able to offer an even more realistic experience. Here too, user testing plays an important role in order to receive useful feedback from your target audience.


Webapp user testing

Our User Experience experts design the wireframes according to your objectives. Through interactive workshops and user testing, the wireframes are iteratively improved.

By regularly testing the user experience, you ensure that your webapp design is optimally aligned with the behaviour of your target group. The better this match, the more satisfied your end user will be. 

And satisfied users lead to better results.

From clickable prototype to web app


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