Codana builds web applications in Symfony. With Symfony you get a web application that is robust and future-oriented.

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Symfony is not just any PHP framework, it is the foundation of many other frameworks and applications. Modern web applications such as Drupal or Laravel are all based on components of Symfony.

Because the license of Symfony is completely Open Source, you avoid the risk of vendor lock-in. In 2019 Symfony was even the backend framework that had the most contributors by far. In addition, Codana always follows the general coding standards, so code and applications can easily be transferred to another developer, if necessary.

So do you need a web application that excels in stability, security and performance? Codana builds the best Symfony applications for you.

So choosing Symfony is a choice for security.


Symfony is characterized by a reliable long-term roadmap and a stable open source community. This makes it the best choice for web applications if you are looking for long-term reliability and stability. 

Perfect for APIs or microservices

When creating a new Symfony project, only the core components are installed making it lightweight and ideal for Microsevices or APIs. You can then add additional components if you want to build more complex applications.


Super fast!

According to benchmarks, Symfony is the fastest of the big frameworks!

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Looking for the Symfony experts?

Codana has been building applications with Symfony for more than 5 years and we do this for various customers. Do you have a question or your project, please let us know how we can help. 


Symfony is actually a collection of different components. These components can best be seen as independent and reusable code libraries. Thousands of projects use all these components and they have become standards on which many PHP applications are built.

You can use each of these components in your own application, independent of the Symfony Framework. For example, different components are used in the code of Drupal and Laravel! Almost all large Open Source projects in the PHP world use some of the components offered by Symfony.

Because Symfony is set up with different components and is a kind of blockbox, it is also super performant. Only the components that are needed are installed and other pieces can be omitted. 

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Read the kopiloot case

Kopiloot is a symfony platform where creative entrepreneurs get help to develop their ideas.


The Symfony family of components is not limited to just those to build a custom website, there are several niche libraries created by the same people. One of them is twig, which we also like to use. The speed with which the compiled templates are served is exceptional.

The Symfony projects also uses existing community projects (such as PHPUnit), so that our developers can quickly adapt to any existing project that also uses these basic components.

The wide variety of packages on offer allows us to use an already built solution from within the community for most common things. So we can really focus on making your business processes better.

Symfony Audit and Acquisition

Would you like advice about your existing Symfony application, or would you like to have an audit carried out? We will be happy to help you.

Develop your own symfony app

Are you looking for a developer to build a new web application? Codana's project team builds the best Symfony applications every day.