• Linking applications

    Connects already existing applications with another application, even if that possibility does not yet exist.

    We create an intermediate layer that can connect two different APIs.

  • Unlocking data

    Do you want to open up data in your existing application to other applications? We can also build a web service for this.

    This is perfect for connecting a separate app or website to the same data.

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Data exchange

Web services and APIs are ways of connecting data from different systems. We use web services in 2 ways:

  1. Building (RESTful) web services to provide data to other applications
  2. Integrating other web services to use data in web applications

We build these web services with various technologies: Laravel and Symfony.
Depending on the application architecture, we integrate with other web services directly in the frontend layer (JavaScript) or via the backend application layer. 

When developing a web application, we often use external systems to retrieve data that we do not have in our own system. This allows us to try to work with only one place where the truth of data resides.

Want to talk about API development?

Do you need an integration between existing systems? Or do you need to make different datasets available to other apps via APIs & Web Services? We know how to deal with it!

Web integrations

Do you already have an existing application (CRM, online agenda management, administration software, order system) and do you want to link it with your website? In most cases, a custom API link is required. In that case, we develop a web application for you that forms the glue between the systems. We call this an "intermediate layer" (middleware).
In its simplest form, this is a simple data translation layer. This layer provides a translation between the various other applications and transforms the data into another form where necessary.

For many applications, it is not enough to simply provide the same data to your external system, but you want to modify or enrich this data through an interface. To solve this problem, we use Laravel Nova, a user-friendly administration panel. We use an API to pull in your data and you can modify and enrich this data in the user interface. You can then offer this enriched data back to other applications, using your own API.

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When we develop APIs and web services ourselves, we always choose a RESTful API. Obsolete solutions such as SOAP or XML-RPC have many disadvantages.
There are also various ways of putting this data into a format that can be read by other applications. For this we often choose JSON:API. This modern data format is flexible, fast and reliable.

We also often use this architecture when building a decoupled web application. In this way, we build a stand-alone, interactive JavaScript application with a PHP API backend next to it that drives the data.

API & webservice development

Would you like to know more about how we can develop data links and automation for you?