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Codana specialises in developing high-performance JavaScript applications with various frameworks.

We offer our services in project and consultancy mode, focusing on quality and long-term collaboration.

We use React.js and Vue.js for performant frontend experiences.

As backend technology we apply Node.js, for example to enable real-time communication.


JavaScript is the only modern technology for building interactive web applications, so it is widely used in our team to deliver applications to the quality standards we want.

  • Headless, frontend én backend

    We maken headless applicaties met een JavaScript-frontend, maar we gebruiken Node.js ook om real-time notificaties en chats te realiseren.

  • Diverse toepassingen

    We maken webapplicaties op maat: business applications, product-, process- en ordermanagement, e-commerce, community platforms, intranet-platformen en content management. 

  • Service & support

    Reken op ons voor digitale strategie, analyse en ontwikkeling maar ook hosting en support na oplevering. Alles onder één dak om voor de beste service.

Our JavaScript frameworks

React app voor real-time bidding

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What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is the most common implementation of the ECMAScript specification.

Developed in 1993, JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS, is one of the basic building blocks of the web along with HTML and CSS. It is often used to add interactivity to web pages or web applications that would otherwise only display static information.

Since the 2010s Javascript has become immensely popular again, resulting in a great evolution and proliferation of different Javascript frameworks. Modern Javascript apps are often seen as the logical successor to Adobe Flash, because it also offers graphical, dynamic surfing experiences.

The Benefits of JavaScript Apps

Javascript applications offer specific advantages.

  • Veelzijdig

    Javascript kan ingezet worden voor frontend en backend. Dat maakt het voor sommige web apps erg veelzijdig en flexibel in te zetten. 

  • Robuust

    De frameworks die we gebruiken zijn industry favorites, breed toegepast en goed ondersteund door een actieve community en een bekende roadmap.

  • Snel

    Zowel naar gebruikerservaring als naar rauwe performance toe is JavaScript vandaag enorm snel. Dit zorgt voor een vloeiende, leuke gebruikerservaring.

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Dactylo exercises with a React app

VAN IN publishing

How we use JavaScript


In a standard, monolithic, application we mainly use JS to add extra functionality to applications, this varies from adding modal windows, interactive modules or slideshows to more radical things like searching a page, or dynamically loading other parts of the page. Data real-time loading has the biggest advantage of faster loading times.


For a decoupled application, where we view the frontend (the visible/usable part of the website) as a separate application, we also use JavaScript. The result is a single page application, which loads and interacts quickly. A much better user experience is the result. Working headless in some projects also has advantages for marketing teams.


Javascript is a programming language that allows for different ways of programming; event-driven, functional, object-oriented or imperative. This flexibility allows the developer to use his favourite way of programming.


Javascript is usually used in the end user's browser to provide functionality there, but since 2009 there has also been Node.js. In this form, JS can also be used to work on the server, making Javascript a full-stack language.

Node.js is often used to realise real-time or asynchronous parts of a website. This fits perfectly into the microservice architecture, which lets programming languages do what they are good at and create small, individual modules with specific functionality. Easy maintainability and reliability are the logical advantages.

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