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Laravel is very important to us. It is a PHP framework that allows us to quickly and efficiently come up with solutions for all the challenges that customers present to us. The Open Source package system is open to everyone and has seen an enormous growth in the past years. 

Besides Laravel we also regularly use the Symfony framework. That is a lower level framework that we also use in more complex enterprise situations. But mostly we choose Laravel because it:

  1. Leverages very fast development versus other frameworks
  2. Has an extensive package ecosystem, where you can already find a solution to many challenges
  3. Allows for both smaller and very large projects
  4. Provides a quick onboarding of new developers
  5. The Blade frontend framework is very flexible and performant
  6. The Nova admin panel provides a backend management environment in a user friendly way

That is why we have reserved our partner spot on the Laravel website and we are immensely proud of it. Would you like to partner with the Laravel experts?

Would you like to know more about Laravel? Then read on ;)

Author: Joris De Groot
Strategic Director and Managing Partner
Joris De Groot

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