Holy moly! What an event!

I think the title and intro gave it away somewhere. Laracon EU , there just aren't enough words of praise to describe what an experience this was. Never has the bond with the community been as strong as at this event in Amsterdam. An event where everyone was there for each other, open for brainstorms, tech talks and even food sharing!

More details? Then be sure to read on!

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Laracon is a global conference focused on the Laravel PHP framework, known for its elegance and developer-friendly features. It provides a platform for Laravel developers to discover the latest developments, best practices and cutting-edge techniques. The conferences feature keynote speakers, technical sessions and workshops, allowing attendees to network and share knowledge. Laracon events take place in various locations worldwide to serve the diverse Laravel community. In short, Laracon promotes collaboration and knowledge sharing within the PHP development ecosystem.

Inspirational sessions

Daniel Coulbourne Laracon Eu 2024

Flip the Switch Slowly - Daniel Coulbourne

A talk that surely taps into projects we are taking in. It's always a centuries long discussion as to what is the best option at the beginning of an acquisition/refactor. Rework or start completely from scratch?

Daniel provided an inspiring walkthrough, based on a true case, on how they approached this by not completely recreating the code but creating it piece by piece, testing it and having a smaller percentage of visitors test it live. By doing this, keeping a lot of control and always maintaining the ability to run the "old" code in parallel and switch back at any time to avoid any inconvenience to the customer.

Taylor otwell laracon eu 2024

Laravel Update - Taylor Otwell

The one and only, the inventor of Laravel! Of course nothing but words of praise. As always, he can't help but surprise the community with a container full (yeah right, not just a handful!) of new features, tools like Laravel Reverb and Laravel Herd, and super handy tips and tricks that only make life easier for us as developers to build fearsome applications.

Mateus Guimarães laravel eu 2024

Unveiling the Modular Monolith - Mateus Guimarães

Mateus, one of the new lecturers at Laracasts. An informative talk about breaking up your code base to create the best possible structure in your project so that you can achieve maximum scalability and efficiency. So much so that there is the possibility of making extreme performance updates here that can make a huge difference on your production application. Info that we will definitely take to current and future projects to optimize even more.

Philo Hermans Laracon EU 2024

Reusing Reusable Livewire Components - Philo Hermans

Livewire, recently fully taken up by Laravel. A frontend framework that still allows us to create dynamic components in PHP/Laravel without really having to link an external framework like ReactJS or VueJs. Philo was able to teach us several tips and tricks on how to make our components as reusable as possible throughout a project.

Did you already know that we are using this in some projects?


Need an all-in-one solution with dynamics?

Laracon, thank you is not enough!

These were some tasters of the inspiring sessions we attended on the two days of Laracon. 

Beautiful, interesting days to look back on, where we also came out stronger as a team and super connected with each other. I wouldn't call it a team outing, rather a family celebration where everyone shares the same interests. 

The recipe for endless and bonding conversations. 

Laracon EU, thanks for a terrifying convention and see you soon!

Author: Noah Gillard
PHP / Laravel Developer
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