We go global

What many probably do not know: you can also find Codani in other countries. Yes, Codana-teambuilding goes international. Philipe, who normally works in Lisbon, came to Belgium especially for the team building to meet us in person. The day was incomplete without him.

battle kart logo

The activity we did was pretty extraordinary, a totally new concept which is definitely innovative. We went Battle Karting

What is Battle karting? In brief is it karting like in the game "Mario Kart". The electric karts are controlled by and AR, and the parkour or minigame is projected on the ground.


In short: feeling like the new "Mario" in electric karts.

But what is Battle Kart? If you've ever enjoyed playing Mario Kart, you'd have a great time with Battle Karts. Beamers and AR control the electric karts and project the parkour or minigame onto the ground. 

In a nutshell: Imagine yourself as Mario, Luigi or Princess Peach in an electric kart.

groepsfoto codana burgerij

Afterwards we went to the "Burgery", a nice restaurant on "the island", a place in Antwerp, which is specialized in fresh handmade burgers.

After the extensive evening meal we went to play the tourist in our own city. We climbed all the way to the top of the MAS, enjoyed the sunset here and took another group photo together.

After all a great evening among colleagues that everyone needed. We had a good laugh and a good meal, fun was guaranteed.



Wil je onze volgende teambuilding van dichtbij meemaken?

Author: Noah Gillard
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