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Education is being digitized at a rapid pace. Whereas 10 years ago we were just standing at a chalkboard, today students and teachers are using the power of digital education. Applied properly, an e-learning method can increase the efficiency of the learning process by up to 30%. Smart digital solutions play a crucial role in this.

Market potential

It is a fact that the private market for new digital learning tools is gigantic.

The figures prove it: the global e-learning market was worth about 250 billion dollars in 2020 and that figure is expected to be a lot more zeros in 2027: 1 trillion. Let that figure sink in for a moment. The European market is about 40% of that global number. More locally: in 2020, more than half of Flemish students indicated that they want to learn more digitally than before.

These digital solutions can be used for public and private education, but also for training programs in companies and governments. The market is therefore enormous.

Digital Web Apps as best-in-class

That reality is proving itself in practice. The availability of ready-to-use educational apps in app stores has skyrocketed over the past 10 years. SaaS platforms will make the application of digital education solutions easy and budget-friendly in 2021. In this, Google Classroom is by far the most popular solution worldwide. Due to its broad set of tools, permanent usability and very low cost, this should not come as a surprise.

For needs where customization is required, the technology has evolved tremendously. Modern frameworks allow us to quickly and iteratively digitize educational models into user-friendly applications. A few examples:


For example, MyCompass is a very specific solution to help students transition to the world beyond education. Often students have certain dreams, or need help making their dreams concrete. In this, MyCompass is a coaching tool that helps them cross that threshold.


The Digital Method, on the other hand, is a revolutionary platform that converts traditional teaching tools into a better, digital way of learning. The platform is made for both students and educators.

Recipe for success

What makes these applications so distinctive can be summarized in four pillars:

  • A particularly specific customized user experience
  • Application of a methodology that has been tested in advance through research and trials
  • The inherent capacity to quickly scale up in both users and functionalities
  • Built with building blocks that do not impose limits

Designing and developing such applications requires a tailored approach and good cooperation between all parties. We therefore go deep into the exact raison d'être of the idea from the beginning, coach our clients and hone the idea further. 


Contact Codana to take your e-learning or coaching project to the next level.

Author: Joris De Groot
Strategic Director and Managing Partner
Joris De Groot

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