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We’ve all been there, something goes wrong in our application and we start the tedious task of ‘grep'ing through thousands of lines of logs to find out what’s going on. Once you have a couple of servers or containers this becomes an almost impossible task and the classic SSH and tail won’t serve you well anymore. In this talk Philipp Krenn, developer at Elastic, talked about some logging patterns using the Elastic Stack


You don't have to go all out and turn your whole infrastructure on it's head just to have a nice logging pattern. Pick the structure that works best for your organisation and work towards better solutions when it's fit to do so. This talk just gave you some nice examples and hopefully some inspiration to have a professional logging infrastructure in your company.

Author: Jinse Camps
Fullstack developer
Jinse Camps

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Codana wins Digital Champ of the year award 2022

Codana is the winner of the FeWeb Digital Champ award 2022! 

Author: Joris De Groot
Strategic Director and Managing Partner
Joris De Groot
FeWeb Digital Champ award Codana

Life as a React developer at Codana: 1 year in service

"You can start working with us as a React developer!". Bliss! Needless to say, I was super happy to hear this! But, I had never written a line of React before.

Author: Thomas Timmermans
Frontend Developer
Thomas Timmermans
Ik na 1 jaar in dienst

The ideal first workplace

I'm Ward Vandevoort, 22 years old and early November 2021 I started at Codana as a junior backend developer. Discover my story at Codana!

Author: Ward Vandevoort
Ward Vandevoort


We have a great teambuilding in Antwerp!

Author: Noah Gillard
PHP / Laravel Developer
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Nova 4.0 is available!

De belangrijkste nieuwigheden uitgelicht.

Author: Noah Gillard
PHP / Laravel Developer
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Laracon Online Winter 2022

This is what we learned

Author: Tom Van den Eynden
Web Architect | Coordinator
Tom Van den Eynden
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