Our guidance goes beyond project management. Together with you, we draw up the roadmap to effectively launch your product. 

  • User testing

    Within the roadmap, we organise user testing. This ensures that your web app is fully tailored to the users.

  • Technical

    During launch week, our entire team is available. The technical launch plan follows a technical plan driven by checklists.

  • Marketing

    When and how do you communicate about your project? Through which channels and tools? We put this into a marketing plan as part of the launch plan.

  • Migration

    If you are replacing an old platform, a thorough migration plan is necessary. The value of your old platform is transferred to your new web app to the maximum extent possible.

Codana team happy

Tailored to you

From the first conversations, in the strategic phase of your project, we emphasize a strategic launch plan. Because your investment has to pay off.

As part of the project roadmap, we create a launch plan that is followed by the entire project team. The close collaboration we have comes to its apotheosis here.

During the launch, each team member has responsibility for the KPIs we set together.

Codana coffee

The launch room

During the launch week we provide a physical workplace where we can work as a shared team and perform optimally. 

Because we have offices in various places in Belgium, you can count on a team spirit and a great atmosphere where you can see your dream come true.

An app launch never to forget

Are you also looking forward to guidance on launching your web app?