The automation of your business processes is a job for our process analysts, who visualise your workflows in the analysis and development phases. We use interactive tools so that we can think together about the optimal work processes.

Codana expertise on white board

Successful workflows

Efficient workflow design is the result of some necessary success factors:

  1. An interactive approach in co-creation mode
  2. Good tools to visualise the workflows
  3. Experienced analysts who give you the best advice
  4. Good automation platforms

Cloud or dedicated

Depending on your situation, we choose the best automation platform for you

  • Cloud platforms

    We use reliable cloud platforms to set up redundant automations

  • Middleware development

    We develop web-based middleware applications to automate your specific business flows

Tailor-made e-commerce workflows


Why do business process management (BPM)?

By constantly optimising your business workflows, you achieve a higher operating level. This improves the performance and ultimately customer satisfaction. Striving for better workflows is therefore an important part of your organisation's digital strategy.

While analysing and improving those processes, we focus on:

  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Innovation
  • Flexibility
  • Consistency
  • Documentation

With these key principles, we improve the situation and also ensure that the improvements are permanent.

Need better business process management?

Our analysts are ready to help you further.