What is the difference between a regular website and a web application? For us it is obvious, for many it is not. As experts in both, we are happy to explain it to you!


An "ordinary" website, as there are so many, only conveys information. Apart from clicking on links and reading information in text, video or photo, there is little interaction. Therefore it is recommended to use a proven CMS technology, of which some well-known examples are Wordpress or Drupal. 

Think of the website of a car builder. The glitzy pages with lots of photos and videos: that is the product of a typical website solution.

Web applications

Web applications are solutions to specific problems. They often involve the implementation of specific actions, which can be very diverse. There is also a lot of interaction in web applications. Instead of "I put a page online", a web application allows a user to perform specific or complex actions through a very user-friendly interface. Facebook or Whatsapp? Right, those are web apps. 

Think back to that car builder's website: the page that allows you to configure your car yourself, that's a nice example of a web application.

The advantages of a web based application

A web application lets you perform actions for which you used to have to install a separate desktop application. Because this application just works in your browser, it offers you a number of fundamental advantages:

  • You no longer need to install or update separate software, you always have the best and latest version available.
  • Your data is stored in an online database (Cloud) so you don't have to worry about backups or loss of data.
  • You can always visit a web application from any device, from anywhere in the world.

An example of a web app we developed

A good example of such a unique interaction is the application we made for publisher VanIn. Through the TypTop application students learn dactylo. The application generates unique exercises and allows students to practice real-time and score points in different ways.

Web applications offer solutions for your specific problem

A custom web application

With our web applications we create customized solutions, where a web based solution is necessary and the customer has a specific problem that needs to be solved.

A customized application where we use Open Source Frameworks to transform a complex business problem into a simple user experience.

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More about web applications

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