Codana builds webapps in Laravel. With Laravel we offer a solution with a modern technology that offers you value for money.

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What is Laravel?

Laravel is one of the most popular Open Source PHP frameworks. It is an MVC framework based on Symfony. Our development team builds robust, modern Laravel webapps for all purposes on a daily basis.

Why is a Laravel webapp a great choice?

The most popular PHP-framework

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework and has become that for several good reasons. It is based on solid principles and foundations and it offers developers a way to develop web applications quickly and flexibly. The broad support and extensive documentation also ensures that customers can sleep on both ears.


Laravel is used for a variety of applications. Both large and small projects are developed in Laravel in so many applications: API layers, ordering platforms, customer portals, product management... The applications are endless.

That makes Laravel the Swiss army knife that never disappoints.

100% Open Source

Laravel is fully available as Open Source software, which means for our customers that they never end up in a vendor lock-in situation. We write our applications neatly according to code standards, which means that applications can easily be transferred from one developer to another.

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You need Laravel-experts?

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Reliability first

The Laravel-Framework is built with a combination of already existing Open Source components from other reputable Open Source projects. It makes use of existing packages from League, Symfony and Doctrine. On top of this, Laravel has poured its own special sauce by offering the IIlluminate components.

This approach allows the development team behind Laravel to focus primarily on Developer Experience. This provides the syntax that makes it possible to expressively and quickly solve business problems.

User friendly management interface

Our customers manage all aspects of our Laravel applications in a modern, clear user interface. To quickly set up a user-friendly interface, we often use Laravel Nova, a hugely popular interface on top of Laravel applications.

Some applications require a customized management experience, which our UX experts first design via interactive wireframes in the Design phase. 

APPLiA Laravel webapp

Read the APPLiA case

For APPLiA, we built a Laravel application that offers a data collection platform for European producers of white goods.

Most important features

A complete set of tools to develop

Laravel offers a whole ecosystem to answer your mobile and web development questions. Laravel Nova is a beautiful and convenient dashboard. This dashboard is configured by the underlying code, allowing developers to quickly set it up to the expected requirements.

Laravel Echo provides real-time messaging & broadcasting between the serverside backend and the browser.

Built-in security

More and more cyber-attacks take place every year. Laravel offers you built-in protection against SQL injection, Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) & Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), among others. In addition, our experts always implement secure, reliable code.


Of course, performance is important for any web application you want to use. We know from Akamai research that every 100 milliseconds of delay reduces conversion by 7 percent.
This also means that we put a lot of focus on this during the development of our applications. Laravel already offers us a strong foundation on which to build further.

Automation of testing

How can we be sure that a developer has created something that works without crashing, or contains bugs and errors? Without testing or checking it is impossible and automating this process not only saves time, but it is usually more accurate than testing manually. Laravel is built with automated testing in mind: testing with PHPUnit is in a standard installation and the basic configuration is ready to be started up. There are also many helper functions (e.g. simulating user behavior), which make it possible to test your application more expressive.

Message Queue System (delayed delivery)

Message queues, or literally translated "message queues", allow applications to communicate by sending messages to each other. The message queue provides a temporary storage of the message, when the recipient is busy or not connected. This is no longer just about sending email messages, many forms of communication between different applications or even parts of the same application use this set-up. The more traffic a web application receives, the more requests need to be handled, which increases the risk of data loss due to a crash. To prevent this, a developer can choose to implement this technique so that the web server can always continue to work without losing data. We often use this technique to set up an asynchronous communication with an external system.

MVC architecture

An MVC architecture allows the developer to divide the code of an application into 3 parts: Model, View & Controller. The models handle the right business logic, the views take care of how information is presented and the controllers link the two together. Developing a web application with MVC makes your code more reusable and easier to read, maintain and extend.

A wide range of fast expansion options

Packages reduce the time and effort required to devise and create functionality that has already been implemented elsewhere. Laravel has a very large offer of these packages thanks to one of the largest PHP communities. The underlying architecture also ensures that we can use many components from the Symfony ecosystem.

I have an existing Laravel-application

Do you have a Laravel web application and are you looking for help with development and maintenance? We will help you and take care of the further development.

I need a new Laravel webapp

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