We offer web app audits and reviews for various specific situations. Each of these can be combined in a customised web app review.

  • Code review

    The code of your web application is scanned, both automatically and through the eyes of a technical expert. The report points out possible insecurities as well as technical defects that may cause problems now or later.

  • Performance review

    A slow web application? Our performance review, which is performed full-stack, points out bottlenecks and components in your architecture that are causing delays.

  • Usability scan

    We subject your web app to a thorough User Experience review. Both general user standards such as WCAG and best practices are examined by our usability experts.

  • Data analysis

    We dive into the analytics data of your application to examine trends in use and behaviour. This is usually part of the strategic research, but can be done separately.

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In-depth expertise

Our reviews are carried out by people with extensive experience in the world of digital web apps. Each audit is also accompanied by a report moment, where we explain the results of the investigation. We do this at the level of the listener, crystal clear and to the point. 

This way, you can link the right actions to the results of the audit.

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