Smartphone addicts

Built to fit

We build custom mobile apps. The design and user experience match the expectations of your target audience.

Technical maturity

Our technology allows us to build native apps that are highly maintainable and super performant.


Need an app?

We'll build a customised app for you.

Full service

  • Analysis

    We analyse the needs of you and your target group

  • Design

    We design the app you need.

  • Development

    We build your app according to the rules of the art.

  • Testing

    Thorough testing of the app ensures a flawless experience.

  • Launch

    A marketing strategy to make your app pop.

  • Support

    We monitor and update your app for you.

Codana data analyst

Built for the future

Our apps are built with technology that allows us to work with a single codebase, from which we can build native applications.

As a result, your investment is sustainable, stable and very performant. 

We work with React Native, a JavaScript framework specifically developed here and supported by a global community.

Codana & Calibrate Ardennen

Ready to rock

Our mobile app team is ready to work with you.

Are you looking for an app that makes a difference for you?