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Organizers can find an overview of participants here, linked to their courses and internships. Moreover, they can also further track and manage participants' trajectories. In addition, participants themselves can log into the application to follow up their trajectories. Once they have completed a trajectory, they can immediately request the corresponding certificate.  

When Kavo was looking for a party to develop this tool, they ended up with Codana. After the API functionality was developed, Kavo decided to sign on to the maintenance contract. After that, we performed several fixes and optimizations, but there was also a demand for larger new features. Among other things, we worked on the ACM integration, which allows logging in via SSO (single sign on) from Flanders. More on this in the section on the ACM integration.

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Integration with My Citizen Profile

Further into the development, we were asked to open up Kavo attestations on My Citizen Profile so that they are also available on the central platform of Flanders. 

In consultation with the developers of Digitaal Vlaanderen, we built a REST API with which certificates can be requested from KAVO. Several security checks were built in to guarantee the correctness and reliability of the data. 

When participants obtain a certificate in the Kavo tool, it is automatically made available via the API and can also be consulted and downloaded via My Citizen Profile. 

Citizen profile integrator

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A little more in detail

Participants can register on the application and enter the necessary credentials, such as previously obtained certificates or a portfolio, to complete their profile. 
From then on, an association or admin can link the participant to courses and internships.  


Once a participant has completed a course, he/she can be assessed and, in case of a positive assessment, linked to an internship. 
Again, once the participant has completed their internship, they can be assessed for this and consequently receive a full pathway assessment. 
If this is found to be positive, a certificate is issued which the participant can download through the application, with a QR code provided to quickly access all info related to the certificate.


As an association, you can easily track the paths of your various participants through the application: which courses are they enrolled in, where and for how many hours are they doing their internship, have they already obtained their certificate, etc. 

In addition, an association can generate reports that allow them to track various things, including the number of certificates per type they have issued in a given period, the average age of participants and so much more. 

Data exchange via API

In addition to management via the interface, associations also have the option of communicating with Kavo via the API. This allows them to automatically link their internal systems (e.g., for course management) to Kavo's database and thus avoid having to enter everything in multiple places.


Laravel stack

The backend of the Kavo tool was developed in Laravel in combination with MySQL. 

For basic content management (FAQ and content pages) we use Laravel Nova. 

The attestations of participants are stored in Redis since this concerns a lot of data that must be made available quickly on the basis of a certain index key. 

Single Sign On (SSO) via ACM/IDM  

We have provided multiple registration and login flows in the application. On the one hand, minors can register with username, password and national registration number and log in the same way afterwards. On the other hand, we have implemented single sign on (SSO) for minors that connects to ACM of Digitaal Vlaanderen. That way, we have easy access to the necessary data and users are immediately logged in to the different applications of Flanders. 
As soon as a user turns 18 and tries to log in to the application again, he/she is automatically asked to log in via eID so that the account can be updated afterwards. 

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