When Codana was asked by two young entrepreneurs if we could support them in developing their idea, we naturally answered a resounding “yes.” Their idea was to develop a digital platform where users could resell coupons or vouchers that they did not use. 

So together we immediately set to work with a number of discovery workshops to delve deeper into the project's business case. Together we defined a roadmap and a plan of approach and we could start with the practical development of the application.


With all noses in the same direction and with the new acquired insights in our backpack, we could start on a functional - and technical analysis. In these comprehensive documents we will describe the full scope and expectations from A to Z. These descriptions will then also form the basis for our user-stories in the development phase. This structured approach ensures that all requirements and expectations are clearly and completely documented, making the development phase more efficient and goal-oriented.


Ux & Design

Once the scope was completely clear, we could start visualizing the application. We started by creating high-fidelity wireframes in which all user-flows were detailed. This allowed the customer to navigate through the entire application for the first time. That way, we could already verify that the look and feel met expectations and refine any details in the user experience.

In the final step, these wireframes were converted to full-fledged designs, entirely in Amfibon's provided corporate identity, so that the entire application was visualized for the first time.

A digital marketplace

For Amfibon, we created a digital marketplace where users can resell unused coupons and discount coupons to others. Sellers are then guided in the application through a simple sales flow, so they know exactly what information needs to be filled in to obtain a smooth sale. These receipts are then made available to all users in the platform. Here, the application provides intuitive functionality to quickly search and filter for items that may be relevant to you.

Have you found a voucher? Then it can be paid for quickly and securely in the application itself. The transaction will then be automatically forwarded to the seller in question.


Stripe logo

Stripe Integration

To ensure flawless transactions within the application, we integrated Stripe as a payment provider. Through this implementation, merchants can enter their payment details in a reliable and secure way in order to receive, at appropriate times, payouts from their sold receipts. Stripe also guides buyers through an integrated payment flow, allowing them to easily settle their purchases using their chosen payment method.


Codana supported the go-live of the application from start to finish. Our team was on hand to ensure that the launch went smoothly and any issues were addressed immediately. In addition, we ensured the presence of the application in the relevant app stores, including the creation of attractive marketing images for the stores.

Even after the launch, we continue to think along and support Amfibon to ensure the application continues to perform optimally and meet user expectations.


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