React native framework

The Cyclobility Bike Ride App is a native application written in the popular React Native framework. The application is primarily aimed at employees who use a purchased or leased bike from Cyclobility to cover their commuting distance. The project integrates various functionalities via the API of the Cyclobility Drupal application so that users have a central place to communicate information to the leasing company.


The benefits of the app

Through the application, users can easily and intuitively enter the distances they travel daily by bicycle. In this way, the employer has a monthly overview of the use of the leased vehicle and expenses can be paid efficiently.

The app can also be used to report damage or theft of the bicycle via an integrated contact form. The necessary information will automatically be sent to Cyclobility in order to take the necessary actions.

Finally, the application also provides the ability to automatically schedule an appointment for any maintenance and can also be quickly contacted in case of a breakdown on the road.

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Cyclobility app store aanwezigheid


For Cyclobility, we offered a total project and helped them from start to finish with the development of their application.

Preliminary project: In an extensive preliminary process, we wrote a functional and technical analysis to define a clear strategy for the project.

Design and UX exercise: In close consultation with Cyclobility, we worked out the customer journeys and knocked off an overarching look and feel.

Development: We chose React Native to develop the application. React Native is a Javascript framework that allows us to build an application from a single codebase that we can deliver on multiple platforms. This ensures not only continuity for the two applications, but also an efficient and fast development cycle.

Publication: Finally, we also supported with the publication phase of the applications in both app stores. We ensured that the applications conform to the standards of both Android and Apple.

The collaboration with Codana for the development of our application went very smoothly from the beginning.
We were quickly on the same wavelength about the layout/look of the app and came to a published application in good consultation.
Meanwhile, we and our customers have started using the application and we are very satisfied with the end result.

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Service Level Agreement

Cyclobility enjoys a Service Level Agreement with us

  • Support: guaranteed agreed response times and support for any problems or bugs in the application.
  • Application updates and maintenance: Semi-annual updates that ensure the application stays up to date with the latest technologies and standards preset in the app stores.
  • Monitoring: Through our application monitoring system, we can proactively identify and address issues and risks as needed.

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