What's a PWA?

A Progressive Web App (PWA) is a website that behaves like a mobile app. A PWA combines features from both web and native apps and allows you to receive push notifications, work in offline mode, install on the home screen and so on. In short, this technology gives you a website with the user experience of mobile apps.

Pinterest case study for PWA

Okay, but why do I need this?

You can learn that from the story of Pinterest. After an analysis it turned out that Pinterest could only convert 1% of the anonymous website visitors to a registration, login or app installation. To do something about this, they developed a PWA.
Take a look at this performance comparison of Pinterest's old and new website.

Advantages of a PWA

Why do you need a progressive web app? A few concrete advantages at a glance:

  • Browser support: the same app works on every modern browser. So you don't have to build different apps for each operating system. iOS, Mac OS, Linux, Windows, Android,... are supported.
  • Offline support: as soon as the app is launched from the user's home screen, it is immediately loaded, regardless of whether a network connection is active.
  • Push notifications: one of the most valuable features because it can increase involvement. Treebo received a 4x higher conversion rate after launching their PWA with push notifications.
  • Fast: Fast response time to user interactions. Did you know that 53% of users leave a website when it loads for more than 3 seconds?
  • Responsive: your app looks good on any device.
  • Up-to-date: all your users always have the same version and do not need to download any apps.

Contact us

We at Codana have years of experience in creating PWA's for our customers. So let's discuss what we can do for you!  Together we can build a great application and at the same time we can help you launch this product by assisting you in your marketing strategy.

Progressive web apps vs native apps

Applications created for the operating system they run on are more efficient than a PWA, they can also use underlying APIs, which a PWA cannot handle. This is about NFC or battery status, via whatwebcan.today you can see exactly which functions are available or not.

For all web apps we made so far we haven't reached these limits yet, but keep in mind that when building a PWA we can't go above the limits of the technology.