At Codana we are experts in building PHP applications. We use them to build solid custom-made web applications, which we use to solve our customers' problems. Managing custom processes, complex calculation modules and data storage, PHP is a fantastic solution.

But what exactly is the PHP programming language?

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Php was started in 1994 as Open Source programming language by Rasmus Lerdorf. Since then, PHP has become one of the most popular languages for building web applications and can be found in over 79% of existing projects.

PHP is a very versatile language. Within Codana we use PHP for almost all of our websites where we have to do something of logic or interact with a database.

Why use PHP applications?

Happy Customers

Through the ease of use of our applications, you save time on administrative tasks and offer your customers an interface that offers a positive experience. The future perspective of our applications also offers a long life time.

Open Source

Because PHP is Open Source Software, its use and installation is free of charge, and due to its frequent use, there is also a lot of documentation about it. PHP's huge community ensures that our developers are constantly up to date with the latest developments.

Freedom of choice

PHP can be used anywhere. It uses various web servers, the most popular of which are Apache HTTP Server and Nginx. PHP also has drivers for various database systems, relational databases such as MySQL, Mariadb, Postgres or NoSQL storages such as mongodb or Redis.

Safe and stable

By applying concrete frameworks and industry-standard security mechanisms, we protect your privacy and that of your customers. Our project and support team works daily on the security of all the applications we build and support.

Some of our customers

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The stability of PHP is certainly not to be underestimated, the project has existed for more than 25 years and is still in active development. The speed of PHP has been a strong focus in the latest versions, which ensures that pages can be loaded quickly. This is both convenient for the cost of hosting and ensures that even people surfing over a slow connection can easily use the applications we develop.

PHP is also cross-plaform, this means that it can not only run on the standard LAMP/LEMP stack, but it is also possible to use Mac or Windows to host it.

All these things ensure that PHP continues to grow in popularity after all these years of use. Some very large websites like FaceBook, DailyMotion, WikiPedia and Slack are written in PHP, so you can rest assured that we won't get into trouble for your project either.

The best technology

With Laravel and Symfony we have knowledge of the two largest Open Source PHP Frameworks. These two frameworks ensure stable rapid development of custom PHP applications.

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Need for PHP experts?

Do you want to start a new PHP project or can we help you with your current project? We like to listen to the challenge in your project.