I am Daan Boschmans, 23 years old and since November 16, 2020 the newest addition to the Codana team as a junior full stack developer. In this article I will talk briefly about how my first week went, the company culture, coaching and my feelings after the first week in this new position.

November 16, 2020 was a very exciting day for me, my first official work day. A day that was central for Codana to welcome me, introduce me to the team and explain the training program they had worked out for me.

Just getting used to my first project

During the first days, I had many conversations and workshops with different team members to get me acquainted with Codana's working methods in the fastest and best way possible. From these workshops, I was able to get a lot of information and knowledge, which allowed me to start on a project right from day 3.

When setting up my training path, Codana searched internally for a first project that was suited to my profile. It was an instructive project where I could immediately apply my knowledge from my bachelor course and first learned techniques from the workshops. The project they assigned to me was ‘Hack The Future’. Hack The Future is a hackathon that is organized annually by Codana in collaboration with Zinderlabs. Final year college students from all over Flanders can participate.

For this project, my task was to build a backend API in the Laravel framework where the students can send and receive data on the day of the event. With the good support I received in this first week, I could already say by the end of my first week that I had a first project behind me. I certainly did not expect this at the beginning of the week.

Coaching and support at Codana

In my search for the right company for my first work experience, I found support and coaching to be an important theme. I had not been able to gain any real work experience outside of my internship and wanted to end up somewhere that would provide me with good support. In this way, I strive to grow into a full-fledged full stack developer.

During the first job interview with Codana, it quickly became clear that they are really people-minded and want to do everything to help their employees grow into the profile they want. I was also reassured about the support they offer to new employees through their buddy system.

This good feeling was immediately confirmed during my first week. At the beginning of my first week, I was immediately assigned a buddy who would support me personally. With questions, problems, ... I could always go to my buddy.

Besides my buddy, I was also always well supported by the whole Codana team. After this first successful week, I believe that I can grow into a real full stack developer and that we are in for a successful cooperation.

Daan Boschmans

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Author: Daan Boschmans
Fullstack developer
Daan Boschmans

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